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xquisitelove's Journal

..:Just A Girl:..
21 February
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User Number: 544586
Date Created:2002-04-29
Number of Posts: 261

Don't take me serious.
Strengths: Bitchy, hard to please, picky.
Weaknesses: love
Special Skills: I'm good at everything ;)
Weapons: mind and soul.
sex: It's what I'm best at.

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I'm a bitch you prolly won't wanna talk to me. I can be the sweetest person you've ever met but,I doubt you'll see that side unless I see the same thing from you.I'm turing lez due to the fact that guys piss me off.It's like there all tought to act a certain way-fucked up! I'm a big flirt.And I tend to make "kissy" faces.Get over it.I like to chill with my friends..and do NOTHING. Bars are fun.. but not always.I'm a different kinda girl,I'm nothing like the next girl.That's the truth!
All I want in life is to be happy, and it doesn't seem to be going that way.
I love my friends<33 they mean the world to me. I hate stupid bitches who think they know me from maybe reading one journal entry. Face it, you know NOTHING. I love when people are BLUNT and UPFRONT. Say whats on your mind, because believe me I won't hold back :) I hate games..if you paly games with me, you'll lose.

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