..:Just A Girl:.. (xquisitelove) wrote,
..:Just A Girl:..

Nothings been really going on here. Life can be so boring sometimes!!!!

Work..sleep..eat ...tan...sex..that's all.


Seriously no. At work we started the whole selling part. It's not fun, I don't like being pushhhy to sell. that's just not me!! But we "have" to be so I guess I want a new job now. SO off to looking I go. yada yada.

That's about it. Thursday is mine and Darnell's ONE FUCKING YEAR. hello ..time flies.................!!!

and YOU ...stop getting into their life!!! If you still are friends with her then whatever..be happy for them and stop hating! It only makes you look bad. You do have a gf, worry about that realtionship!! ok? thanks.
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