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So..this is the deal. Darnell calls me the other day while I'm at work..so i call him back and he's like "My grandma said someone has been crank calling the house" I'm like, ok why are you telling me this? he's like because she called the phone company and they said it's a canadian phone number ..I'm like ok..so you're saying I'm calling and hanging up on your mean ass grandma that hates me because I'm not black? He's like well you're the only canadian with my phone number..so I said ..whatever if you think I'm calling everynight just to hang up on her ..then you must be insane. He said we'll see when the phone bill comes. WTF is that. but ok..so I have to add something lmao. On valentines day Darnell had to work late so I wasn't going to see him..so I was PISSED off but anyhow Stacey and I rented a room in Detroit and she's a whore and wanted some guy to go there but whatever that's not the point.. she was all fucked up and called Darnell's house from my phone and hung up..now I'm not sure if someone answerd...but still!!! My number will be on the phone bill once..so I guess we're not going to be together for much longer. OPPS. oh well tho. I mean life can only go on. And he's not the type where I can just say Stacey called that one night..because he'll blame it all on me anyhow. WHATEVER. I wish I woulld call her and hang up tho. I told him I'm calling her and telling her very nice..that it wasn't me calling so stop telling Darnell it was..he's like no you're not allowed to call there anymore..she'll go crazy on you..I'm like wtf?!?! we've been together over a year..and I can't call the house? oh and he's changing the number..lmao. Now really if I don't have the house number, I'm leaving his stupid ass. You must be crazy to think I'ma sit here and be all hush when I can't even call the house? oh hell no.
On another note I know if we break up, I will be a mess. BUT it's summer time..so I guess this would mean that I can go out everynight again!! and I don't have to come home..and I have no one to answer to!!! OMG that's so awesome!! I'm calling all my friends that I haven't talked to in a year...and getting my life back.
I hope I get my avalanche before summer hits tho, because Lacey and I wanna drive up to TEXAS but I don't wanna do it in my car because I'll go over in the miles ..for my lease so FUCKKKKKKK. Someone better take over my lease. But yea that's really it. I'm just a little mad that my own boyfriend would think I'd call and hang up everynight on his grandma, now shit if I was doing that I'd do it to his cell phone because really I dont give a fuck about his grandma.
So it was James bithday wed. I got cake and balloons and all that fun stuff for work..we had fun! I love working with a boss that is just like me..and the same age as me..Jess is awesome. So anyways I got some Alize Red Passion for him and we started it at work. so wed. was a good night.
umm OH I seen Andrew yesterday twice!!! ha he's got the mustang out now.. no more Denali ! But anyhow I hate that asshole. I just honked and blew him a kiss..I'm such a smartass <3

But I have to go get ready for work and go tanning. So bye!
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